I’m a big believer in setting yourself goals. I’m also very lazy and often forget these goals and never actually complete them. Don’t hate the player. 

So I’v decided to get myself a little journal. Nothing fancy just your average joe note book.my plan is to set myself daily goals and weekly goals. Just little things that will make me feel accomplished. 

So every Sunday i will plan for the week, for example: I’m currently trying to learn a new Language so every evening I have penned in that I do one lesson on Duolingo, which is amazing btw. Other daily goals will be to drink 8 glasses of water and have at least 5 pieces of fruit or veg. 

I also want to set myself challenges so when I go swimming to do 40 lengths instead of bobbing up and down like a puffa fish. Or at the weekend to walk 5k. Make sure Moisturise my whole bod at least once a week. Yes my skin care routine is horrific and it takes a least a Litre of soap and glory. Ha. Soz everyone. 

I feel like doing this will help combate feelings of being low. Because even if you only drink 8 glasses of water a day and don’t do your other goals you’ve accomplished one thing. You are a winner. 

Also set yourself monthly, yearly and 5 yearly goals. For example if you want to save some money. At the end of each day tot up what you have saved. You are one step closer to getting that dream handbag or trip to New York. 

Fill it with ideas and scribbles of the day. Maybe you saw a dress you loved or an image that you just had to copy. Maybe a song lyric really touched your mood. It’s yours to personalise and beautify. 

Little things my lambs lead to a happy healthier you. 

Send me your Tips on how you set your goals or keep track of you accomplishments. I wanna know how you guys succeed! 

Happy living babies – remember that I love you.