Happy international women’s day to all my gorgeous girlies! 

I hope you all feel full of strength and courage! You deserve to feel the world poppet. 

let’s remember all the women who have fought to create what we have now. Pay them a quick thank you in your thoughts. These are the women who bore us. 

As much as we have come so far as a sex, we still have a long way to go. There are still girls out there who believe they are not an equal to a man. Who believe that they are not worthy. Educate these girls. Let them love who they wish. Show them how precious they are to the world. How they can do whatever they want to. We need to stand together and bring them the justice they deserve. 

Stop people seeing feminist as a dirty word. It isn’t. It’s strong and brave. We aren’t trying to bring men down. We want to stand alongside them. We want to build each other up. It’s about equality. Not being superior. Remember that. Teach that. Show that. 

I want all my readers to feel empowered. To feel strong. Feel safe. Build other women up. Build yourself up. 

You are more than a princess. 

Celebrate today. Celebrate tomorrow. Every day do something that will pave the way for women and man kind to be better and peaceful. 

And most of all – 

Remember that I love you.