The end of February is in our sight line. The smell of daffodils and fresh cut grass is slowly making its way through the air. It’s time to get spring ready! 

Ok January was a trial month and February was a practise. March is were it’s at my little chicken pies. It’s starting to get lighter and warmer which instantly picks up your mood. It’s time to really tackle your new year resolutions. 

The earlier mornings mean it’s easier to wake yourself up. Try getting up 10 mins before your normal time and take on some gentle exercise. Blend yourself some fruits and veggies for a breakfast smoothie. Take the time to make a nice nutrient lunch for work and take on the day with positive vibes. 

At work use the warmer weather to take walks on your break. Maybe even eat outside on hotter days. Fresh air is fantastic for keeping yourself energised. Stop reaching for the coke cans you rascal. 

The lighter evenings also mean you could take a walk after work instead of the morning time if you really struggle to wake. Walk with your partner or friend so you gab on the way. Or pop in your headphones and rock out to some little mix. 

Spring also means the dreaded spring clean! You’ve lived like a hermit who hasn’t left their house in 20 years for the whole of winter. Open your curtains. Open your windows. It’s time to deep clean. Get yourself down the shops and buy yourself plenty of cleaning supplies. Use a whole weekend and clean from top to bottom. Yes your ceilings need dusting and your floors need hoovering. Go through each room with a bin bag and clear out anything you know you won’t use. Rule. If you haven’t touched it in a year. You won’t use it. Obviously have a separate bag for rubbish like junk mail and sweet wrappers down your sofa. Ya nastyz.

 Once you have cleared out dvds, clothes, pictures and other items why not have a car boot? You’ll be able to have a nice day out, get rid of clutter, recycle and make a penny on the way. 

A fresh start is just what you need to pick yourself up. Why not maybe change the colour of a room with the money from the car boot? Or move your furniture around to create a new space? Do some up cycling? After you’ve cleaned you’ll be able to do anything with all the positive vibes you’ve got. 

Get spring ready my little chicks and bunnies. 

Remember that I love you.