Valentines. You either love it or you hate it. But there’s no need to be a negative nelly. Embrace the love! Being a single pringle doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate cupid’s day, in fact it means you should celebrate it more.Valentine’s day is too often associated with just couples, but in fact, times are changing. Being in love with someone doesn’t have to mean they are your significant other. You can be in love with your friends, family and best of all yourself.

I’m not talking prince charming from Shrek smooching in the mirror thinking you are better than anyone love yourself. Breathe. I’m talking being at one with who you are. Celebrating the fact that you are you. Look how gorgeous you are little sugar. Spoil yourself with flowers and chocolates. You should not have to rely on others to make you feel good about yourself.

Don’t get yourself mad about couples you see on Facebook being soppy – they are expressing how they feel being in love. That should be something for you to aww at. Not hate. So don’t be that guy.

Here is my list of things you can do running solo this year –

– Grab your girls/boys and go for a date night.

– Instead of going out – have a mate’s night in! Titanic and Tequilas Hun!

– Buy all the valentines chocolates, get in your pants and munch away

– Get yourself on Pinterest and make some cute valentine crafts

– Take yourself out on a date, it’s not a loser thing to go to eat on your own. Plus, this way you can go where you want.

– Make cards for your friends or family

– Rock out to a valentine’s playlist in your Sunday best.

– Order a dominos heart shaped pizza and get on some GTA.

– Order a dominos heart shaped pizza and get on some GTA.

– Have a photo shoot with your pets. Common ya love them too.

– Have a family cinema date.

– Try cooking a valentine’s meal for yourself. Heart shaped foods are the best foods.

– Write yourself notes on why you are a good person and pop them in a jar, every time you question your worth – take one out.

– Watch cebeebies bedtime story – hello tom hardy.

– Relax
See, there’s no need to be down in the dumps about being single little chicken.


Happy valentine’s day my gorgeous readers.

Remember that I love you