How to Utilise Sundays to give you strength for the upcoming week. 

Use it’s hidden power to recharge yourself so that you are able to tackle anything in the next 6 days. Think of yourself as a Nokia 3310. A day of charge leads to a week of energy. 

But how can I unlock this glorious fountain of youth? 

Well, it’s entirely up to you. But, here are some things that I like to do on a Sunday that make me feel like a relaxed little mermaid floating into the unknown which is a Monday. 

Sleep. I first like to sleep in. Even if it’s just 10 minutes after your normal wake up time. Turn off that alarm and let your little peepers rest. Snooze it out and dream of Ryan Gosling. Mmmm. 

Stretch. When you finally have enough of snogging dream movie men. Stretch. Stretch every single part of yourself. I like to do a Surya Namaska. Give it a go. It’ll make you feel completely relaxed and ready for the day. 

Eat. Today is the day I always have a big breakfast. I’m talking sausage sandwiches, crossaints, fruit, coffee and juice. If you live with someone take time to sit with them to eat. Talk about your concerns for the upcoming week and ask for support during this. If you live alone catch up on current affairs. Knowledge on the world around you makes your problems seem more manageable. 

Clean. After your yummy feast of breakfast items. It’s time to clean. Not your home. No, you’re not going to lift a domestic finger today Henry Hoover. Get yourself into a steamy shower with your favourite fruity gels and soaps. I like to whack on classic FM during this moment. Don’t rush. Let the water fall down over you and lose yourself in a tropical waterfall. Finish with a fluffy warm towel. 

Beauty. After your shower sit on your bed in your towel and dig through your beautify box. Try a new moisteriser or hair oil. Paint your nails. Listen to music. Try new hair styles or eyeliner. Just have some you time. Feel beautiful honey bee. 

TV. Catch up on programmes you have missed. Watch all the blue planet episodes. Find films on Netflix you haven’t seen yet. Watch re runs of classic TV series. Get comfy in a fluffy blanket with snacks and watch away. Being a square eyes is acceptable on a recharge Sunday. 

Hobbies. Haven’t got a hobby? Get one. Knitting, reading, walking, swimming, sewing, painting, learning, writing, ect. Use some time in your day to feed your mind. Maybe try a new hobby? Just do a little something so you feel fulfilled. Adding a row to a scarf you’ve been knitting is a small but satisfying achievement. 

Positivity. Don’t let yourself get caught up in negative thoughts and feelings. Avoid toxic people today. Surround yourself with positive quotes. Compliment a friend. Listen to mood boosting music. Compliment yourself. Being in a positive mind set will set you up for the week ahead. Smile you little sunflower. 

Family. Sunday is prime family time. This may be your whole brood, your partner, your friendily or just you and the cat. Bond. Eat an evening meal together. Obviously the holy grail which is the Sunday roast. Tell stories. Laugh. Catch up. Enjoy yourself. We too often get pent up with stress from the working week that we forget the people we adore. Show affection. Show love. 

Preparation. When the end of Sunday is coming and that taste of Monday is in the air it’s vital that when you wake tomorrow, it’s easy. Prep your lunch. Put out your clothes. Pack your back. When the horrific noise of your alarm goes off at 6am you will feel less grizzly bear and more fluffy bunny. 

Rest. In between all of this. Rest. Kick your legs up and get comfy. Change your bedding in your bed so you can nap in cotton fresh paradise. Wear your comfy dressing gown. So no to going out. 

Now, this may not work every Sunday. Sometimes you will have things you need to do or places to be. But trust me. It’ll help if you just take some time out of that day for yourself. I completely understand that some have responsibilities and to those I take my hat of to you! But just don’t forget to love yourself. 

Hope you feel recharged kitten. 

Take on Monday like the strong person you are!