Hey my loves, Its been a while.

Welcome to my brand spanking, OOO saucy, New blog – Just Jess.

For those who have no idea about me, I am 25. I live with my yummeh boyfriend Kieran. I have two pet fish called Sausage and Fishcake. I graduated from Uni in 2015 with a BA(Hons) Drama Performance and Theatre Studies degree. I have traveled and worked in Austrailia, in a zoo, How coool. And now I live happily in our cute little apartment looking over the city.

So why a new blog I here ya yell?

Ill jump straight in…

Basically you may remember me from  Breaking Adult. This was my first ever blog and the start of my mini writing career. BA will always have a huge place in my heart. I spawned it out of nothing and it opened so many door for me that I will always love it like I love Corey Feldman. Baby, I still love you despite the awkward dance moves ya cheeky squirrel. Unfortunately due to time issues and lack of interest I just sort of stopped. I stopped writing. I stopped something that I loved doing and that people loved reading. Well I hope you did. It sucks because BA had so much potential. I had so much potential and it was just 2016 luck that it didn’t progress as it should of. I felt its only right not to continue with it.It holds too much negativity for me now.

I have decided to start again with a fresh way of thinking. I wanted to create a blog with content that wasn’t under the BA umbrella. Something that I will be excited to write for again. Something that goes with my lifestyle. Something that doesn’t fit into a category. Just me. Just Jess.

You may hate it. You may love it. But just give it a try yeah. Ill snog ya. I’m still the same sassy Oprah Winfrey of positive thoughts and sarcastic animal references. PinkyPromise.

I’m not going to set myself time frames or deadlines. I will write when I feel the need to write. However, I’m not saying that wont be every day. ah ha haa

Sooo my little lamb kebab – Give me a follow. Tell your mates. Show your dog. Send me a DM. Share to your neighbor Howdydoodly. And just enjoy.

Thanks for the second chance.